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CS-5696 SBI-0640756 July 2016
SBI-0640756(SBI-756) is a first-in-class inhibitor that targets eIF4G1 and disrupts the eIF4F complex.
CS-5695 Avasimibe July 2016
Avasimibe is a ACAT inhibitor incluing ACAT-1 and ACAT-2 In vitro: 1) Avasimibe has beneficial on plasma lipids and direct antiatherosclerotic activity, independent of lipid effects, in various animal models of hypercholesterolemia 2) Avasimibe enhances the lipid lowering effect of atorvastatin in subjects with homozygousfamilial hypercholesterolemia.
CS-5694 BQ-123 July 2016
BQ-123 is a ETA endothelin receptor antagonist (Ki values are 1.
CS-5697 PF-04979064 July 2016
PF-04979064 is a potent and selective PI3K/mTOR dual kinase inhibitor with an IC(50) of 9.
CS-5688 Brevianamide-F July 2016
Brevianamide F , also known as cyclo-(L-Trp-L-Pro), belongs to a class of naturally occurring 2,5-diketopiperazines.
CS-5698 MRK-016 July 2016
MRK-016 (MRK) is a functionally selective, inverse agonist at the benzodiazepine site of GABAA α5 receptors.
CS-5336 Acacetin July 2016
1) Natural acacetin was a 4.
CS-5690 alpha-Hederin July 2016
alpha-hederin is a water-soluble pentacyclic triterpenoid saponin, possessing several biological properties such as antispasmodic, moliscicidic, anthelmithic and inhibiting cell proliferation, In vitro: a-hederin is cytotoxic and inhibits proliferation in both cel lines at rather low concentrations.
CS-5665 glucagon-receptor-antagonists-4 July 2016
glucagon receptor antagonists-4 is a highly potent glucagon receptor antagonist.
CS-5542 NKL-22 July 2016
NKL 22 is a HDAC inhibitor.
CS-5454 Hederagenin July 2016
Hederagenin is a triterpenoid saponin.
CS-5543 GSK583 July 2016
GSK583 is a highly potent and selective inhibitor of RIP2 Kinase.
CS-5673 Protirelin-Acetate July 2016
Protirelin is used to test the response of the anterior pituitary gland.
CS-5683 GSK2269557-free-base July 2016
GSK-2269557 (free base) is a potent and selective PI3Kδ inhibitor over the closely related isoforms.
CS-5680 Oxaceprol July 2016
Oxaceprol is an anti-inflammatory drug used in the treatment of osteoarthritis.
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CS-0757 SB-705498
SB-705498 is a potent, selective and orally bioavailable transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 (TRPV1) receptor antagonist with a pIC50 of 7.
CS-0766 Aripiprazole
Aripiprazole(Abilify) is a human 5-HT1A receptor partial agonist with a Ki of 4.
CS-0765 CYT387 sulfate salt
CYT387 sulfate(momelotinib) is an ATP-competitive inhibitor of JAK1/JAK2 with IC50 of 11 nM/18 nM, ~10-fold selectivity versus JAK3.
CS-0645 Rimonabant
Rimonabant(SR141716) is a selective central cannabinoid (CB1) receptor inverse agonist with Ki of 1.
CS-0494 XAV-939
XAV939 is a small molecule and selective Wnt pathway β-catenin-mediated transcription inhibitor and axin stabilizing agent with IC50 of 11 and 4 nM for the inhibition of TNKS1 and TNKS2, respectively.
CS-0264 DAPT
DAPT(GSI-IX) is an inhibitor of γ-secretase; DAPT causes a reduction in Aβ40 and Aβ42 levels in human primary neuronal cultures (IC50 values are 115 and 200 nM for total Aβ and Aβ42 respectively) and in brain extract, cerebrospinal fluid and plasma in vivo.
CS-0361 Boceprevir
Boceprevir(EBP-520, SCH503034) is an HCV protease inhibitor (Ki=14 nM) for the treatment of hepatitis C virus infection.
CS-0592 YM-201636
YM201636 is a selective PIKfyve inhibitor with IC50 of 33 nM, less potent to p110α.
CS-0613 Tideglusib
Tideglusib(NP-031112) is an irreversible, non ATP-competitive GSK-3β inhibitor with IC50 of 60 nM.
CS-0625 Avosentan
Avosentan(Ro 67-0565; SPP-301) is a potent, selective endothelin receptor(ETA receptor) antagonist.
CS-0609 SCH 527123
SCH-527123 is a potent antagonist of both CXCR1 and CXCR2 with IC50 of 42 nM and 3 nM, respectively.
CS-0627 MEK162
MEK162(ARRY-438162; ARRY-162) is a potent inhibitor of MEK1/2 with IC50 of 12 nM.
CS-0608 BMS-754807
BMS-754807 is a potent and reversible inhibitor of IGF-1R/InsR with IC50 of 1.

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