Stability Shipping and Storage Instruction

1. Transportation condition

Transportation condition of ChemScene reagent is based on principle that product quality would not be affected in a short transit time, which would be different from its storage condition. Also shipping routes are configured for minimum transit times. Some ChemScene product quality will not be affected if it is not preserved under long-term storage condition in short transit time. For these product, we arrange the shipment in ambient temperature. For those product which is sensitive to storage temperature in short transit time, biological ice or dry ice would be needed during shipment.

To further guarantee product quality, we will consider influence of the weather. In summer, we will add biological ice in to package box for shipment. The incurred expense will be borne by ChemScene reagent. Please note that ambient temperature shipment will help us save transportation cost and purchasing cost. In the mean time, the limitation on ambient temperature shipment will also be greatly reduced, thus help customer receive ChemScene product faster. For products that require dry ice transportation, we will increase the shipping charge according to domestic logistics policies. Customer can also request shipment with biological ice or dry ice for ChemScene product which we ship under ambient temperature in ordinary way. In this case the incurred expense will be borne by customers.

2. Storage condition

Storage condition in ChemScene tag is flexible as many product can be preserved for greatly extended time without affecting its quality under low temperature. We label storage condition of these product according to its specific requirement. Please strictly abide by storage condition provided by ChemScene product label. Here are some instruction of common storage condition. For a specific ChemScene product, please refer to its own product label to make preservation.