Shipping Condition And Storage Requirement

1. Shipping condition

We ensure that our product quality would not be affected during shipments to our customers; however, the external constraints placed on product conditions during shipments would be different from long-term storage condition. As a result, we configure our shipment route to minimize transit time. Also, depending on the product type and composition, we might place biological or dry ice on certain products that are sensitive to change in storage temperature. We will make specific adjustment to our packaging method based on the storage requirement of each product.

For example, in the summer, we might add biological or dry ice into package box for certain product shipment; however, due to the increase in related cost (based on domestic logistic policies), the incurred expense will be borne by our customers. On the other hand, products that can be shipped in ambient temperature will incur lower shipping cost and have faster transit time. Nevertheless, customers can request shipments with biological ice or dry ice for ChemScene products that could be normally shipped under ambient temperature. In this case, the incurred expense will be borne by our customers.

2. Storage Requirement

Our products have flexible requirement for storage conditions as many items can be preserved (under specified temperature) for extended period of time. Please strictly abide by storage condition requirement (refer to product label) for each ChemScene product.